The farmhouse is believed to date back to the early 17th century, when it was called The Grange, although there is some evidence of buildings being on the land in the time of Henry III. There were connections between those who lived here and the owners of Barrs Court and other local estates. By 1977 the farmhouse had fallen into disrepair and was purchased by Kingswood District Council and rebuilt.


During further building work in 2009 the dovecote was revealed at the back of the farmhouse, a feature which has been retained and restored. When compared to the old photographs below, little has changed in many years. The windows are in much the same position as they were, although one has moved and another been added, and the chimneys at the rear of the house have been lost. We know the date of one of the photographs but not the others. If you have any information which can help date these photos or indeed any history of the farm in general, then please do email us here.

Farmhouse Farmhouse Farmhouse Farmhouse Farmhouse
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