A Brief History of Grimsbury Farm

The place name is a compound of the Old English Grim, a name associated with the Norse God Woden, to whom fortified places were often attributed and Burh, which has lead to the theory that the area formally contained some kind of ancient fortified site.

Evidence of farming activities on this site have been found going back to medieval times, although ownership and detailed usage have changed many times over this period.

Through marriages, involving the Stone and Tilly families in the mid-1700s, this site became part of the much larger Tilly estate which was in excess of 1000 acres. Following more changes in ownership, it was sold off in lots by the then owner, Rev. Edward Batchelor in 1862. The last private ownership was that of the Warner family who finally moved out in the 1970’s, whereupon Kingswood District Council took ownership.

In 1992 during the construction of the Avon Ring Road, a barn from Stonehill Farm was relocated to Grimsbury Farm as it lay in the path of the proposed Ring Road. Photos of the barn being moved can be seen in the section on Stonehill Barn in the explore pages.

Today, the farm is owned and managed by South Gloucestershire Council, where its function is that of a community farm open to all as a place to relax and enjoy, or even to learn new skills

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We're always keen to hear of people's memories of the farm or if you have any photos from years gone by then please do contact us here.


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