Southdown Sheep Southdown sheep are a breed originating from the 'South Downs' in the south of England. The breed has been in existence for centuries with the modern breed being improved some 200 years ago by John Ellman of Glynde in East Sussex, with his work being continued by Jonas Webb, in Cambridge. They are the oldest of the terminal sire breeds in the UK.

Southdown sheep have been exported all over the world due to its ability to produce high quality lamb, making it the king of the terminal sires. Even here in Britain Southdown sheep have been used to improve many other down breeds, such as The Suffolk, Dorset Down, Oxford Down, Hampshire Down and Shropshire.

Although once a rare breed, the popularity of the Southdown has increased in recent years and numbers are now safe.

Average Life Span: 10-20 years
Weight (average): Ram - 85-100Kgs, Ewe - 55-70Kgs
Gestation Period: 5 months (150 days)
Weaning: 2-3 months
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