Get Involved

According to a recent study commissioned by Volunteering England, volunteering is actually good for your health

Pond PlantingFor any of you who has been to one of our events we hope you were impressed with the efforts taken to 'put on a good show', but as you can imagine this is no accident. The Friends of Grimsbury Farm relies on its volunteers to make this magic happen and to keep up these events, and more importantly, keep them free - something we are resolute about.

In 2011 the Friends achieved a huge milestone with the opening of the Barn Café, something we have wanted to achieve since our inception. This is a huge asset to the farm but requires its own dedicated team of volunteers to help things run smoothly and raise vital funds for the farm.

Although we have a great group of volunteers with various skills and contacts that help us operate throughout the year, we are very keen to build on this group to push our events forward with fresh ideas and inspiration, new skills and simply more pairs of hands! We would love to hear from anybody of any age and ability that would like to get involved, have a bit of fun and help put their community farm on the map. No matter how many hours you can afford to give, do get in contact with us. Our telephone details are on our contact page or you can email us here.
If you'd like to come to one of our members' meetings, please get in contact with us, you'd be most welcome


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