Our annual Wassail in January is our first event of the year, and a good chance to verture out into the winter night and make some noise. All in a good cause of course, as Wassailing is an anchient tradition going back hundreds of years which takes place each January to ensure a good harvest later in the year. Gifts of toast are placed in the trees to encourage the Robins (the guardians of the orchard) and loud noises are used to ward off the evil spirits, all rounded off with a hot spiced apple drink that is the "Waes Hael".

After a dissapointing 2012 with the weather getting the better of us for the first time, we hoped for better in 2013, but sadly torrential downpours meant again we were beaten back by the British weather as the farm and fields became knee deep in mud and water. Fingers crossed for 2014...

For pictures of our past Wassails click here


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