Welcome to the Grimsbury Farm live webcam

Back in 2010 the Friends purchased some bird boxed fitted with cameras to see if we could encourage something to nest. In the first spring the following year we had a pair of Blue Tits take residence in one of the boxes to lay their eggs. Thanks to the cameras we could watch them tend to their eggs and the eggs hatch as the chicks prepared to fledge the nest. They returned again in 2012 and 2013 so it looks as if they have made the farm their new nesting home. Thanks to a successful grant application, we have been able to install some new boxes in 2014, all of them fitted with cameras. The new boxes are a significant improvement on our original ones, most notably as they have infra-red lighting to allow 24hr watching without disturbing the birds. This can be seen on the images below, the top image is our original box which is only visible in daylight hours, whereas the bottom image is visible 24hrs a day.

For a few screen shots of the nest in 2011, click here.

As our webcams are in a public place, the images produced are outside of our control
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